Attorneys can be one of your leading expenses in the early years. We have a long history with a number of lawyers practicing securities and patent law, as well as general counsel for customer agreements. Our working relations streamline projects resulting in lower costs and faster turn-around time.

As a startup CEO, you're going to be faced with a myriad of opportunities and issues. Whatever you're facing, we've probably seen it — multiple times. Our deep background in tech startups is the reason many CEOs make a call to Atlas as one of the first things they do in the morning and one of the last things they do at night. These "clutch" two-minute phone calls and brief emails throughout the week are one of the more valuable services we provide.

Developing a plan is much more than just writing down the concept; it involves creating the strategies around marketing, pricing, operations and sales — from the 50,000 foot level to planning the details of implementation. Having written over 100 custom business plans, Atlas does not subscribe to the "template, fill in the blanks" model. We work with entrepreneurs to hone their ideas, organize the presentation of information, add the execution layer, and tailor it for investors. Our deep and broad experience helps us to understand emerging new technology ideas and the markets they are targeting. In addition, because Atlas is an active investor (over 60 deals to date), we know what investors need to see.