While our development organization is versed in a wide variety of engineering disciplines, our primary focus is on modern web-based applications using a three-tiered application architecture. We use Agile development methods to securely and rapidly build both complex and simple projects with a balanced, stage-appropriate approach.

As an organization, we are platform agnostic. Our development staff has expertise in LAMP, Java, J2EE, and .NET stacks as well as a wide range of both front end and back technologies. Our engineers come with extensive SEO and SEM training and understand the nuances of building highly scalable, secure products that are dynamic beacons on the web.

Consumer-ready quality assurance requires far more than the simplistic black box testing of the past. Today’s Agile development approach mandates experienced test management, automated testing and, most importantly, Software Development Engineers in Test (SDET)s.

Test, more than any other discipline in a small development organization, benefits from the processes, procedures and techniques practiced by larger organizations. Atlas Accelerator brings a mix of talent from both large scale organizations and startups to deliver an optimized balance of quality assurance and rapid development.