Atlas has been providing valuation services to early-stage companies since 2006. We offer this work exclusively for early-stage companies with under $5MM in revenue so that we can bring our focused expertise to bear.

Our standard rate for a valuation is $3,500.

The Atlas approach is comprehensive. We analyze using balance sheet and income approaches with both historical and pro-forma data. While we have CPAs including Accredited Business Valuation certification, we have much more: industry experience. To our knowledge, we’re the only business valuation firm that makes over ten seed-stage investments annually (actually, we don’t know of any seed investing done by valuation firms or their individual participants). Our work on the screening committees of the Alliance of Angels and Band of Angels and participation in the Northwest Energy Angels assures that we understand market conditions and we uniquely apply this knowledge to valuations (it’s also why our approach only works for early-stage companies).

We’ve produced work for Ignition, Burke Dale Victor, Vulcan, Foundry and many startups. There’s no need to pay two or three times as much for a valuation produced by people who don’t understand companies at your stage as well. Contact us to consider a valuation.