Atlas builds sophisticated custom financial models that detail the entire business using a bottom-up approach (we don't believe in top-down modeling with an assumptions page). Our financial models range from basic revenue planning, to reviewing a make vs. buy decision, a merger or acquisition opportunity. The Atlas philosophy is to build tools our clients use long after we're gone, as we take a vested interest in their success. We don’t believe in simple one-use summaries for fundraising – those just don’t stand up to diligence. Our core financial plan can be (and usually is) used as the basis for performance reporting (plan vs. actual). Because we keep the IP we develop, we start each plan with the best version we have developed, saving 50 – 60 hours of work on each one. The Atlas approach is better, faster, cheaper than any other way to build a financial plan:

  • We leverage the experience of over 100 financial models we’ve built
  • We use two people, one architect and one less-expensive excel expert to save costs and move faster
  • We’re the only group in the business of building models that is an active angel investor – we know the market and we know what angels and VCs are looking for

Read more about our philosophy on financial plans here.

Atlas has raised over $120MM in more than 45 funding rounds. We've invested in over 90 companies and are active participants in the angel community. When it comes to funding strategy, we know what's likely to get traction and what may not. Our experience becomes more valuable as the round progresses and as flexibility is needed to address challenges that arise. Read a little about our thoughts on your pitch, getting ready to build your powerpoint, and pitching to VCs.