Atlas helps clients get the most out of Quickbooks with a chart of accounts and policies and procedures that are the result of a decade of experience. Our monthly reporting tools use macro-driven spreadsheets to provide automation and sophistication while you're still growing and not yet ready for the next level of accounting software. Atlas also builds the team to manage the books and the systems within the client organization. With nearly 200 controller clients in our history, we’ve seen everything from large-scale consumer businesses to government and grant accounting to job costing. And we operate only in Quickbooks and Excel. When you’re ready to move to a higher end system, we’ll refer you to someone who knows that and we’ll start work on another startup so we can get better at early-stage systems.

Our shareholder quarterly reports have set the standard for the angel community and take a few hours once we have a system in place. Don’t try to re-invent accounting standards; build or sell your product and let our team get this done for you.

Our Office Managers will handle the work of payroll administration, accounts payable and receivable, and your bank reconciliation. While engaged with you, they’ll help out in whatever way we can to get you back to building and selling product. We’ve picked out and assembled office furniture, set up phone systems, produced office signage and coordinated vendors from janitors to translators.

We’ll prepare your quarterly and annual IRS and state returns. We provide this service to early-stage companies only and we’re about half the cost of most firms.