The worldwide leader in multi-modal technology. Their powerful digital paper solution, gives people the ability to update maps, forms, notes, and photographs with just the stroke of a pen.  

Mike was the Company's CFO.

  Heated gloves.  

We built a financial plan and assisted with marketing.

  Web 2.0 technologies.  

We provided strategic support and financial modeling.

  Provides carrier-class Ethernet equipment solutions for delivering cost-effective services over fiber, copper, and wireless based access networks worldwide.  

We're investors

  AppFolio Property Manager is a complete, web-based property management software solution that enables you to easily market, manage and grow your business.  

We're investors

  Financial Software.  

We provide accounting and finance functions

  Landscaping materials employing technology for better service.  

We’re investors

  BeDynamic® is the leading B2B trusted source platform for transactional entertainment and recreation content to the travel industry.  

"I like Atlas for their dog Wilma and their fully stocked wine cellars. In all seriousness though, as an entrepreneur it is critical to recognize early on there is way more stuff that you don’t know about starting a business and getting it to cash flow positive than you do know. The team at Atlas fills that role in a very well from top level advisory service to detailed operations. They fill the much needed gap with exceptional expertise, contacts and energy. We have been working with Mike, Michael and the team for finance, technology, operations and sales support now for almost two years and I can say it has been one of the best partnership investments BeDynamic has made."
- Anne Payne, CEO

  Market maker for senior services.  

"Atlas Accelerator continues to be a key part of our team. The experience they can bring to bear on a project of any size has been impressive. Their focus on our objectives and outcomes has been spot on. We rely on their perspective and good attitude for many of the projects we undertake and they continue to be involved in the day to day financial needs of the organization."
—Michael Nemirow, CEO and Co-Founder

  Shopping exchange  

We're investors

  Barter exchange community.  

"BizXchange has an unusual business model and we needed assistance building a very complex financial model to assist us in managing our business. Not only was Atlas able to quickly understand our business, but they were able to create some very intricate and useful models for BizX."
- Bob Bagga, CEO

  Digini builds the Blade3D game engine that enables rapid prototyping and publishing of games. Not your father's game engine.  

We built a financial plan and provided strategic advice.

  Blur Studios is a high-end graphics effects studio.  

Mike oversaw financial strategy, managed their legal conformity, wrote and negotiated numerous contracts. Mike still provides occasional financial and strategic advisory services.

  Bank focused on technology business.  

We were investors and successfully exited.

  Developer of the Internet Answering Machine and other telephony products  

We wrote the financial model to include load balancing modeling for infrastructure. We successfully exited in an IPO.

  Next-generation catalytic converters  

We were investors and successfully exited in an IPO.

  Patented technology that improves the speed and capacity of mobile networks.  

We provide controller support, product management, and general business advice.

  Leading destination for charter bus rentals.  

We purchased this business in 2008 and are now operating it profitably.


We’re investors

  Medical referals made easy.  

We provided financial modeling, program management and CFO support.

  Massively scalable, NoSQL CouchDB in the cloud.  

We provide finance and general business advice.

  Coffee Equipment Company  

We were investors and successfully exited in 2008. We provided all finance and accounting support.

  The first comedy network featuring original programming specifically for wireless handsets.  

"Mike's knowledge of building companies is broad and deep. We've relied on him for contract language, negotiations, and compensation norms. He quickly came up to speed with our business and has been a loyal advocate — he feels more like a partner than an consultant. He's one of the most straight-forward, candid people I know and he's earned our trust. His team built a financial model that was approachable and thorough without a lot of cost."
—David Goldman, CEO


We were invstors and exited on sale of the company.

  Premium toll free number ecommerce site.  

We provide strategic support and financial modeling.

  An ambitious effort to make TV interactive.  

We led finance and business development.

  Endpoint data protection that combines continuous protection, compliance level security and privacy, and data vulnerability mitigation.  

We provided controllership.

  DataWeb's flexible development platform gives users a robust, end-to-end solution to create SaaS solutions which enable them to leverage the power of the web to achieve their business objectives.  

  Delve provides a complete online video solution to manage, publish, measure, and monetize high quality video content on the web.  

We provided recruiting support

  Enables healthcare professionals to get meaningful answers from complex electronic medical records, without requiring IT professional involvement.  

We provide sales, marketing, and general business advice.

  Barter exchange community.  

We advised the company and provided sales management.

  Web Retailer.  

We’re investors

  Manufactures equipment and provides services within nuclear medicine.  

We were investors and successfully exited.

  DMP is bringing the Software As A Service model to Geographic Information Systems.  

"Part of Digital Map Products success is due to the startup resource alternatives provided by Atlas Accelerator."
—James Skurzynski, President and Founder

  Easymetrics measures productivity and provides detailed cost and performance metrics on their employees.  

We manage Easymetrics Sales team.

  Develops and commercializes technologies for environmental monitoring of large-scale energy conversion processes.  

We provide financial consulting.

  Logistics software.  

We closed the initial sales and structured a sales strategy. We also provided funding advice and initial accounting and HR set up.

  Eoscene provides temperature monitoring and compliance management services to leading heath care providers.  

"Atlas Accelerator has been instrumental in connecting us with the experienced resources necessary to run a successful startup."
- Geoffrey A. Griebel, President & CEO

  Leading provider of software for vacation rental management companies and operates, the only place where consumers can find and book a vacation rental as easily as a hotel.  

Atlas provided all marketing, finance, accounting, and human resources to the company and supported sales for the three years prior to the successful exit of the company. We were the lead investor in the last round, which we managed. Atlas supported the closing of the transaction.

  Incubator in Los Angeles.  

We’re investors

  Trucking and re-sales of recyclable materials.  

We provided some strategic guidance and built a financial model.

  Evri's technology automates connections between Web content by applying a more human-like understanding of the words on the page.  

We provided PM help, managing the team for a year while the company matured to hire a CEO. We also managed the spin out from Vulcan in all aspects: legal, tax, accounting, and facilities and provided on-going HR, finance, and accounting support.

  The Online Marketplace for the Specialty Food Industry  

"It is impossible to overstate the contribution of Atlas to the evolution of our business. Atlas has helped us go from a startup with zero revenue and some vague notions of how we were going to solve the chicken-and-egg problem of building out our marketplace, to a solid business with a real plan, and real revenue. They also helped us get through some really difficult situations, where we really needed the help of someone who had been through this before. Please do not hesitate to call me directly if you would like to know more about our experiences with Atlas."
- Jamen Shively, Founder and CEO.

  The platform for creating Interactive Floor Plan Tours for residential and commercial real estate.  

We provide finance and accounting support and general strategic advice.

  Flowplay's mission is to bring a bold new vision to casual gaming by creating community platforms where people of all ages can play games together.  

We provided recruiting

  Adjustable Speed Drives for industry that can provide 75% energy savings.  

We provide finance, accounting, and sales & marketing support.

  Developers of software for the management of geospatial data.  

Mike was engaged by GeoInsight to advise on strategic opportunities for a period of two years. The company is currently private.

  Connecting your inbox to the web to provide business critical information about key people and companies. You're also the first to know about the news and events that give you a competitive edge.  

"I have worked with Atlas at 3 different companies and I love what they do. They have provided me cost effective, high-quality, on-demand financial services which has really helped me stay focused on customers and building products and teams. In addition, I have been impressed with the ability for Atlas to learn and adapt based on our needs and ideas."
- T.A. McCann, CEO

  Globys helps telecommunications service providers leverage and monetize their customer data assets.  

Provided customer service support

  Globesherpa makes buying mobile tickets easy.  

Atlas is handling QA for the first launch

  GridNetworks (now part of Global Media Services) technology powers HD video delivery to computers and game consoles worldwide.  

"GridNetworks had a solid prototype, a presentation deck and a big plans when we first reached out Atlas for help with our financials. Within weeks we had a real fin plan and over the next several months Atlas helped us refined other areas of our business, such as messaging, marketing, and sales. Of course, Atlas also played a crucial role in our initial financing round as well. Every startup is born in the hands of smart, hard working people, and Atlas was a key player among the group that turned GridNetworks' cool idea into a real company."
- Jeff Payne, CEO and Founder

  World leader in Geocaching community  

We provide general business advice.

  Startup Incubator  

We provide finance, tax and accounting support.

  The worldwide leader in online vacation rentals.  

We're investors.

  Email security  

We're investors.

  Incubator in Los Angeles  

We're investors.

  Staffing technology for enterprises  

"Atlas led us through a market validation exercise over the course of a day. Their enthusiasm is contagious and they really know their stuff. The troops left with a viable plan and ready to execute."
- Bruce Culver, CEO

  DNA testing technology.  

We provided finance and management advice.

  Social networking for medical professionals.  

We provided controllership and some strategic advice.

  Medical device for drug delivery  

Developing drug delivery device that enables the development of new central nervous system drugs that are otherwise unable to penetrate the blood-brain barrier.

  Inlustra has developed a novel process for producing gallium nitride that will improve performance and reduce costs of Blu-Ray DVD lasers, LCD panels, and solid state lighting.  

"Mike and his colleagues at Atlas have provided valuable guidance on almost all aspects of our business, from valuations to process analysis to sales and finance."
- Benjamin A. Haskell, CEO

  Leading technology implementation consultants.  

Mike advised on strategy and built the financial models. Mike continues to provide strategic advice.

  Relationship visualization.  

We produced a financial plan.

  Advanced editing management software for technical writing and marketing groups.  

We provided sales support and sat on the board.

  Innovation in titanium production.  

We were investors and successfully exited.

  Next-generation social networking.  

We provide marketing, finance, accounting and general business advice.

  Kiha Software, a well-funded stealth mode startup, is introducing a novel user experience platform for mobile devices.  

We provided finance, HR, and accounting and helped with the spin-out from Vulcan.

  Provides tools to slash health costs, improve well-being and increase productivity through challenges and other evidence-based programs.  

"Atlas provides great coaching, bench strength and has made a few "clutch hits" when we've needed them badly. Their model and their people are entrepreneur-friendly."
- Henry Albrecht CEO

  Online project management software that offers teams a complete project environment, rich social networking features, and a revolutionary way to manage uncertainty.  

We provide finance and accounting support and helped to launch the sales effort.

  Lovitt produced a fresher-tasting cider. The company is no longer operating.  

We produced a financial model for Lovitt

  Market maker for lists used in direct mail.  

"Atlas is the only service vendor I know that thinks like a startup."
- Dave Scott, Founder and CEO

  MBS Source is a web-based platform that offers comprehensive inventory access, data aggregation services, and valuation tools for professionals working in structured products.  

We are investors.

  Sophisticated encryption for the CIA and Israeli security service.  

We’re investors.

  Meteor Solutions has developed the first technology platform that allows marketers to measure, optimize, and buy word of mouth with the precision of paid media.  

  Patented technology for producing plastics.  

"Bringing Atlas on board was the best decision I made in 2009."
-Tom Malone, CEO

  MPI provides enterprise software that eliminates technical complexity and simplifies all phases of the rich media publishing and management process.  

Mike is an advisor to the company providing overall management counsel, particularly in the area of funding strategy.

  Mobisante combines a smartphone, ultrasound transducer, a cloud imaging service to provide a rich diagnostics platform.  

Atlas is providing development capabilties to Mobisante.

  Local itinerary mapping  

We provided strategic advice and financial modeling.

  All arts, all the time — the Internet's home for artists.  

Mike served as CFO, built a financial plan and led the development of a revised business plan. The company is no longer operating.

  Advanced pharmaceuticals.  

We were investors and successfully exited.

  Real-time intrusion intelligence against cyber attacks.  

We provide sales and general business advice.

  O Ecotextiles proves that it's possible to produce luxurious, sensuous fabrics in ways that are non-toxic, ethical, and sustainable.  

We sat on Oeco’s board.

  Partner Nexus provides enterprise software for national and regional firms to manage local service providers.  

Atlas is an investor as well as providing financial modeling and sales strategy support.

  Unique image browsing software  

We provided finance, accounting and general management advisory. We successfully exited in a transaction we managed.

  Biofuel producer.  

We developed a highly complex financial model.

  Tools to find and reverse early tooth decay.  

We provide overall business strategy and finance support.

  Placefull provides a platform for businesses to rent excess space and for consumers to find such rental spaces.  

We manage the sales team.

  A results-driven service provider that drives revenue for mortgage brokers.  

Atlas built their financial model and wrote the business plan.

  Purveyors of life style products and information.  

Mike built the financial model for Rancho Santa Barbara and advised on financial, e-commerce strategy, and the company's first round funding efforts. The company is no longer operating.

  A web-based consumer service launching soon.  

Mike was the company's CFO and we provided the Finance, Accounting, and HR Functions. We also provided project management of Ripl's offshore software development efforts.

  Tool for website publishers to control advertising inventory and match impressions with the highest paying demand source.  

"Mike Crill and Atlas is an incredible and well-respected resource to the Seattle startup community. Those fortunate enough to work with him will find him, as I did, to be extremely intelligent, knowledgeable, and always “on”. His counsel is savvy, because he’s been there before … many times over."
- Jordan Mitchell CEO and Founder

  Social networking site.  

We provided limited business development.

  Home buying service for Seniors.  

We provide marketing support and general business advisory as well as accounting.

  Online coupons.  

We’re investors.

  Provides grocery retailers revenue growth and reward solutions through its Digital Promotion Management — DPM system & Interactive Loyalty Card — ISC.  

We contributed the company's strategy and developed product marketing processes. Mike sat on the ScanAps board of directors.

  Market maker for second homes and other "second spaces".  

We provided finance, accounting, and recruiting.

  The premier destination for ordering timesaving services. ServiceStop was a B2B site that provides service-related benefits that simplify life to employees under the direction of company human resources.  

Mike sat on its board of directors.

  SNAPforSeniors manages the nations largest senior services provider network.  

“The Atlas team has provided valuable strategic, financial and operational support for our company for more than two years. They have a high quality group of experts across the business spectrum that we source on flexible terms for short and long range projects – a perfect partner for a growing business.”
- Derek Preston, Founder and CEO

  SNAPin Software provides on-device self-service software for mobile operators that lets them interact with their subscribers in real-time and in the context of their current mobile behavior.  

We provided PM support.

  Advanced robotics.  

We helped with general management strategy

  SynerG provides a unified user interface for all your applications.  

“Atlas helped us get the operational fundamentals in place so that we could focus on building the business.”
- Michael Norring, CEO

  Simply the best image and photo tagging service in the World! Tagcow offer both descriptive tagging and people tagging for all your images.  

We built a financial plan and provided sales support.

  Clothing made from organically sourced and colored threads.  

Provided marketing and CFO services.

  Charity gift cards.  

Provide project management services.

  Developers of the world's most efficient motors, winner of Design News Product of the Year and CleanTech's Most Promising Company.  

"Mike Crill was one of the founders of ThinGap and has played a vital role since inception. He wrote the initial business plan and initiated or drove many of the company's important initiatives over the past years. Atlas championed our introduction at CleanTech where we won most promising company and has been a loyal and active supporter of the business in every way."
—Rean Pretorius, President & CEO

  In a world full of busy and fragmented lives, T-Mobile helps you stick together with the people who make your life come alive.  

  Built a product linking Oracle to Sharepoint.  

We provided finance, accounting, HR, Marketing and recruiting.

  Offers web based electronic medical record designed exclusively for psychiatrists and other mental health professionals.  

We provide sales and general business advice.

  Revolutionary liquid-to-vapor technology.  

Mike provided the initial CFO function to the company and played a key role in its funding. Mike served on the board of directors in 2003 and 2004.

  Adventure travel listings.  

We provided accounting.

  Logistics software for high-dollar implantable medical devices.  

We provided strategic advice.

  Technology incubator for Paul Allen.  

Atlas manages the spin-out of successful technologies from Vulcan with program management, finance, accounting and HR.

  Tools for managing a public developer API.  

We did initial scope and market validation for very early prototypes.

  Energy Technologies for a More Efficient Tomorrow.  

Mike is on Wilson's board of advisors and provides general management counsel.

  Source-agnostic wish lists on line  

We built a financial plan

  Tracks prices of airline tickets, before you buy. If the price drops after you buy, we help you get refund travel credits from the airlines.  

We provided recruiting

  Legal hold software for enterprises  

We provide HR strategy, accounting, and general business advisory.

  Short term car rentals  

We’re investors

  User-generated Advertising  

We provide finance, accounting, HR, marketing, and general business advisory.