SALES STRATEGY: Our clients' target market and their products will, at times, warrant very different strategies and structures. Strategizing which channels to develop, prioritizing target markets, identifying strategic partners and, if necessary, defining a consultative sales process, complete with tools necessary to move forward in each stage of the sales cycle, are key strengths that Atlas offers. Having worked with consumer sales and enterprise sales teams, we will coordinate the knowledge from customer requirements gathering, product marketing, market research and the outbound marketing to develop a well-rounded sales program and sales operation process for execution, forecast and measurement.

PRICING STRATEGY: For new companies, where and how to monetize their innovative products and services can sometimes be a challenge. As a team, Atlas brings the experience of having managed complex pricing programs and built numerous financial models. We work interactively across the development of the business plan, financial modeling, sales strategy, product roadmap and product marketing to determine pricing methodology that will maximize monetization of offerings and appeal to investors.

PARTNER STRATEGY/ BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT: Strategic channel partners, go-to-market collaborative partners, content partners and supplier partners help validate emerging growth companies, their products and services. Atlas works with clients in conjunction with sales, and product marketing to target the right companies, establish relationships and build a substantial ecosystem of partners that will grow their business and maximize market awareness.