PRODUCT MARKETING: As a small company launching a first product to market there can be challenges that come with a lack of resources, processes and support that larger organizations often take for granted. However, positioning a solution into the market, identifying customers' needs, and planning for competition are essential for success for any new startup. Atlas helps address these challenges by:

  • Gathering and organizing the information necessary to define an emerging market landscape and product strategy.
  • Providing clients with a step-by-step process for managing the delivery of a product, coordinating customer/market requirements, product roadmap, customer betas, product marketing, and delivery to market.
  • Assisting in the management of the delivery cycle, working with engineering, and providing templates for marketing and product requirement documents, release plans, feature lists, and datasheets.
  • Directing market requirement gathering, and collateral development, and Position the product for market acceptance, partner adoption and, of course, revenue.

Prior to committing to a product strategy and marketing plan, all new efforts need to be preceded by a deep understanding of market opportunities and challenges. Atlas researches the number and size of opportunities, target customers, competitors, what prices the market will bear, competing or infringing technologies, and realistically compares our findings to our clients' strengths and weaknesses. This process provides essenetial information for effective product positioning, market acceptance and a credible perspective to assist in funding.

Atlas Accelerator can create and staff a targeted go-to-market program, including marketing materials, sales resources, prospecting and deal negotiation to help entrepreneurs determine pricing, distribution channels and value proposition. During the market validation period, Atlas provides real time feedback from the target customers. At the close of the project Atlas provides a comprehensive report detailing customer reactions and objections, and when possible and will document a repeatable sales process, from prospecting to close.

Atlas develops detailed go-to-market plans, budgets, and estimates and tracks yield on marketing investments (number of acquired customers and revenue generated based on dollars investments). Atlas delivers a full range of programs and skills for product and company launches: public relations; analyst relations; reviewers; speaking events; awards; collateral development; website or flash demo development; video testimonials; and web search optimization.

  • Public Relations - Atlas provides strategy and outreach for media relations, from online publications, to local and trade media to national business press.
  • Online Visibility - Atlas provides writing and advocacy services to increase visibility through social media, blogs and other online communities.
  • SEO/SEM - Atlas provides both organic search optimization services (copywriting and backlink building) and pay per click (PPC) advertising management. With over $1 Million in annual PPC budgets currently under management, Atlas employees can provide deep expertise in optimizing online advertising spending.
  • Events Management - Atlas can plan and manage a range of events, from sales seminars and trade show exhibits to awards dinners and customer outreach events.