Atlas Accelerator Continues Expansion By Merging with Platform Marketing Group

June 19, 2008 - 4:52 pm by Press Release

Atlas Accelerator Continues Expansion By Merging with Platform Marketing Group
Venture Consulting Firm Builds Out Internet Marketing, PR and Communications Services

June 19, 2008 - Atlas Accelerator, the largest venture consulting firm in the Pacific Northwest focused on growing technology companies, has merged with Platform Marketing Group, a Seattle-based strategic marketing consultancy.  This merger broadens Atlas Accelerator’s existing finance, operations, sales and technical expertise with strategic marketing services including Search Engine 0ptimization (SEO) services and Internet Marketing and Public Relations.

Atlas Accelerator has helped start-up companies hit key milestones for over ten years by investing time and resources in filling critical operational roles. Atlas Accelerator invested about $2 million in 2007, and will invest over $4 million in 2008. Like other Atlas services, the new marketing practice will use Atlas Accelerator’s unique venture consulting model to provide services for a blend of cash and stock.

“Working with Atlas gives companies like ours access to world class resources we wouldn’t otherwise know how to find, or be able to pay for,” said Michael Droz, CEO of TagCow, an Atlas Accelerator client. “We’re looking forward to Atlas providing a broader range of services to help us grow our business more quickly.”

Platform Marketing Group built its consulting practice by designing and executing high impact launches, internet marketing campaigns and overall communications strategies for over 15 private and public company clients since its founding in 2001.

“As CEO, my mission is to help my company grow by finding new markets and opportunities while conserving resources,” said Matthew Sutton, CEO of Hyblue, a Platform Marketing client. “This merger means HyBlue has an opportunity to tap into a broad range of technical and business services that are optimized specifically for startups.”

“Joining Atlas means that Platform Marketing clients now have access to the resources, networks and brainpower of Atlas Accelerator’s high-performance team,” said Cornelius Willis, Founder and Principal Consultant at the Platform Marketing Group. “Adding our Internet PR and search practice will help start-up companies get launched and get noticed when they need it most. And Atlas Accelerator’s innovative business model gives entrepreneurs a unique, unbeatable advantage, allowing them to conserve precious start-up cash as we help them bring  innovations to market.”

In 2007, Atlas Accelerator added deep technology and development expertise and a top-notch sales acceleration team by adding industry veterans Michael Cockrill and Brant Williams, who joined the firm as managing partners. Earlier in 2008 Atlas announced its merger with the Athena Chiefs placement firm, and the formation of Atlas Recruiting, led by Athena Chiefs CEO Tom Ryan. Cornelius Willis of Platform Marketing Group will join Cockrill, Williams, and Atlas Accelerator founder R. Michael Crill as a fourth managing partner. Atlas Accelerator will continue to grow to serve companies in the greater Pacific Northwest, including Seattle, Boise, Portland and Vancouver, BC.

For additional information on Atlas Accelerator and the merger, contact Cornelius Willis ([email protected]) or visit

ABOUT ATLAS ACCELERATOR - Atlas Accelerator is the largest consulting firm in the Pacific Northwest focused on the needs of growing technology companies. Atlas fills critical roles in
early stage companies so they can make stuff, get noticed, sell stuff and operate themselves. Atlas Accelerator has helped over 100 startups get off the ground. Over 85% of their investments successfully moved to the next level. To date, 23 have had liquidity events.

Platform Marketing Group develops and executes communications strategies to help companies connect with the influencers and buyers that are most important to their business.

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