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Wishpot is a free social shopping service that makes it easy to save and share interesting things you find in stores and online.
SNAPforSeniors provides the most current database of all licensed senior housing in the U.S., as well as a growing number of independent living communities.
Yapta tracks prices of airline tickets, before you buy. If the price drops after you buy, we help you get refund travel credits from the airlines..
In a world full of busy and fragmented lives,T-Mobile helps you stick together with the people who make your life come alive.
Gist is connecting your inbox to the web to provide business critical information about key people and companies. You're also the first to know about the news and events that give you a competitive edge.
ReachMachines is developing the first media planning solution for the Web which allows agencies and brand marketers to target customers based on relevance and purchase intent. simply the best image and photo tagging service in the World! Tagcow offer both descriptive tagging and people tagging for all your images.
Datacastle is delivering the next generation in endpoint data protection by providing the only solution that combinesup-to-the-minute continuous data protection, compliance level security and privacy, and data vulnerability mitigation into one SaaS offering.
FlowPlay’s mission is to bring a bold new vision to casual gaming by creating community platforms where people of all ages can play games together
BeDynamic provides a Brand-Customized solution for travel providers offering the only white label source for local, up-to-the-minute lifestyles events and attractions across business and vacation destinations in the U.S., Caribbean and International.
Sampa makes it easy to create a personal, private place on the web to share life events with family and close friends.
Liquid Planner is online project management software that offers teams a complete project environment, rich social networking features, and a revolutionary way to manage uncertainty.
Digini builds the Blade3D game engine that enables rapid prototyping and publishing of games. Not your father’s game engine.
Fyreball is a new way for interesting people to communicate.
Escapia’s mission is to make vacation rental homes and condos as easy to find, choose and book as flights and hotels. The company is addressing this market need by expanding on its leading web hosted property management software for vacation rental managers to create a consumer booking site and an Internet booking network for vacation rental homes.
Eoscene Corporation provides a web-based compliance management service to leading healthcare organizations.
iMedExchange is a private online community for physicians, designed to foster professional and personal connections, increase productivity within the practice, and deliver career and lifestyle opportunities.
VUEMED provides a solution to the overwhelming burden of inventory management in various hospital departments and at medical product manufacturers.
DataWeb's flexible development platform gives users a robust, end-to-end solution to create SaaS solutions which enable them to leverage the power of the web to achieve their business objectives.
FloorPlanOnline is the platform for creating Interactive Floor Plan Tours for residential and commercial real estate.
Topaz Bridge makes enterprise-class HR software applications that combine the power and flexibility of Microsoft SharePoint with the strength and control of SAP. Topaz delivers true strategic impact to large enterprises by saving companies millions, while dramatically improving employee satisfaction. Most importantly, Topaz Bridge applications enforce compliance with corporate processes, and maintain the integrity and security of corporate data.
Limeade is an online platform that enables health plans to deliver turnkey wellness to mid-market employers.
IRREVO™ by StreamLine Technology will save your company money by offering the first ever Review Management System, which will bridge the gap between your content management processes and your communication and style standards.
The OthersOnline patent-pending browser toolbar and Web service introduces the concept of "personal tagclouds", which we use to contextually and behaviorally match users with each other on every page view.
DataCaption is a platform for transforming traditional video into interactive experiences by enabling the internet community to tag video content and associate actions with those tags.
Aevex panels are thin, flexible, and provide everything needed to quickly produce heated garments. A single Aevex panel contains a rechargeable energy source, a heat source and controls. Zones of differing thickness, flexibility and breathability are designed-in to ensure optimal fit and maintain the aesthetics and comfort of the garment.
Evergreen Recycling is a material substitute and recycling specialist. Our team of material, regulatory and business experts provides solutions for manufacturers, government and service firms seeking sustainable material flows.
Ameritocracy is how regular people hold politicians and the media accountable: by reporting, fact-checking, or simply rating short, specific claims from talking heads, campaigning candidates, and other sources of political media and information. Let the world know what you think makes sense, and what actually matters.
VoyageTrek Travel helps people find their ideal vacations and leisure activities, offering search and information on thousands of active and adventure travel tour operators world-wide.
Benevia provides free, one-stop transition coordination for older adults, their families and caregivers.
SNAPinSoftware provides on-device self-service software for mobile operators that lets them interact with their subscribers in real-time and in the context of their current mobile behavior.
Comedy Time Comedy Time is the first comedy network featuring original programming specifically for wireless handsets.
Second Space SecondSpace operates and, highly immersive online destinations that help people explore areas, find local brokers, connect with other local service professionals and merchants, locate targeted merchandise, and learn about activities, experiences and attractions, all through a highly personalized experience. The sites are powered by SecondSpace’s innovative, patent-pending Lifestyle Search & Discovery platform.
Kiha Software, a well-funded stealth mode startup, is introducing a novel user experience platform for mobile devices. Mobile communications and mobile devices are about to evolve in exciting ways! Kiha software is on the leading edge of this wave to provide customers with a new and innovative mobile experience.
O Ecotextiles proves that it's possible to produce luxurious, sensuous fabrics in ways that are non-toxic, ethical, and sustainable.
Evri is a technology company developing products that change the way consumers discover and engage with content on the Web. Evri's technology automates connections between Web content by applying a more human-like understanding of the words on the page.
Ideal Hire Developing state-of-the-industry solutions for a new generation of eRecruiting solutions. Ideal Hire's system reduces the time and cost to hire, improving hiring manager productivity and job candidate sourcing by matching the best, most qualified candidates to each job immediately.
Inlustra Inlustra has developed a novel approach to producing gallium nitride, a substance vital for the production of lasers for DVDs and other products.